"I credit the experts at Clark Communications with assisting the Dispensary of Hope in our transition from a regional nonprofit effort to a national brand with national impact.

Bravo, Clark Communications, for your astute leadership, tireless work, and vision as you invest into our mission to bring hope to those in need of medication, while partnering with some of the nation's largest healthcare corporations."

Chris Palombo
CEO, Dispensary of Hope

"Jackie and Fritz, Your expertise and special knowledge of public outreach and the inner workings and hidden mechanisms of media protocol have significantly expanded the face of ANS with the general public.

You have 'branded' ANS as a major player in the nuclear science and technology society.  Thank you!"

-Eric P. Loewen, Ph. D., President, American Nuclear Society

"Clark Communication did a marvelous job in assisting the American Nuclear Society in helping disseminate our report on the Fukushima Accident in Japan.

They provide an extremely professional, timely and useful service to our professional society in its mission to inform the general public about the facts related to these events in Japan."

-Dr. Michael Corradini, President, American Nuclear Society, Wisconsin Distinguished Professor Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics at the University of Wisconsin

"Clark Communications served the American Nuclear Society (ANS) in multiple ways during the past year.  Particularly noteworthy was their support to the ANS response to the events surrounding the Japanese reactors impacted by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Their efforts provided favorable and wide-spread media coverage of ANS personnel and activities."

-Dave Matthews, ANS Member and Director, Division of New Reactor Licensing, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

"When I started working with Clark Communications in the early '90s, I saw right away the fantastic results they deliver. When I became the President and CEO of Earth Force, one of my first actions was to contract with Clark Communications to support our partnership with General Motors.

I knew that for the program to be successful we needed to generate outstanding media coverage for the program. The team at Clark Communications gave us the best chance to meet those needs. Year after year they consistently delivered exceptional results that we were proud to share with GM and I recommend them highly."

Vince Meldrum

"Balanced for Life is among the most important achievements of today's $45 billion vending industry. The BFL program developed by Clark Communications has positioned the vending industry on the right side of the food and health debate.

It has also enabled the industry to hit the news media with the message that the vending trade is responsible, and a good corporate citizen, significantly changing the way people perceive our industry."

Nick Montano, Vice President, Executive Editor
Vending Times

"Balanced for Life is not only an outstanding program, it is the most valuable resource NAMA has ever created for its members."

Elliot Maras, Editor
Automatic Merchandiser Magazine

"I have known Jackie Clark since she became involved with the vending industry and know her to be a fast learner and very knowledgeable about our industry. She has managed many assignments with NAMA and others involved in the industry, and the results have received high praise.

Even at my earliest assignment working with Jackie in 1999, at 5:00 a.m. doing a news broadcast in Washington, DC concerning the latest design of a coffee vending machine, I experienced her ability to make the connection between the technical aspects of vending machines and the interests of consumers.

I have also had the opportunity to work with several PR firms and have not found anyone more energetic and devoted to intelligently promoting the cause or product that is assigned."

J.E. Eddie Hicks, Owner Prestige Services
Former Chairman, NAMA Board of Directors

"Thank you for all the great work by you and your company in support of NAMA. It is a pleasure to work with such a professional organization in support of our great industry."

James H. Terry, II, Vice President, National Sales
The Coca-Cola Company

"As a former member of the Board of Directors for NAMA, I saw first-hand the work they did for our industry. They generated more positive media coverage about our industry than we've ever received in our organization's 75-year history, which has significantly improved the image consumers have about vending.

They also added value to our membership by creating the overwhelmingly successful health and wellness initiative Balanced for Life. They're great folks to work with, which is why they were the first firm I went to when I wanted a company to help us grow. They did a great job for us, and I would recommend them highly to anyone else who wants help growing their business."

Vic Pemberton,
President, Pepi Food Service
Former Member of the Board of Directors, NAMA
Industry Leader of the Year