Association Support

The American Nuclear Society

A bylined article in US News & World Report by Dr. Eric Loewen, President of the American Nuclear Society
Clark Communications routinely works with associations small and large to help them communicate with members, address issues in the public arena that may be of concern, and protect their interests in legislative houses on the local, state and federal level. For the American Nuclear Society Clark Communications works to educate the public about nuclear science and technology by generating media coverage on the local, state and national level. Clark Communications also supports the organization’s membership meetings and provides counsel for its members.

“Jackie and Fritz, Your expertise and special knowledge of public outreach and the inner workings and hidden mechanisms of media protocol have significantly expanded the face of ANS with the general public. You have ‘branded’ ANS as a major player in the nuclear science and technology society. Thank you!”

Eric P. Loewen, Ph. D.
President, American Nuclear Society