Crisis Response

Award Winning Fukushima Earthquake Response

Very early Friday morning, March 11, 2011, Clark Communications learned of the massive earthquake in Japan. Shortly afterward the news stories quickly began to report an impending tsunami, which was certain to hit nuclear facilities at Fukushima, Japan.

Clark immediately contacted the American Nuclear Society, its client which had the most to tell about the impact. Starting that day, Clark undertook an incredibly intensive media response campaign to counteract extensive and hysterical reporting in the media about the consequences of the tsunami on the nuclear facilities, the surrounding area, and also, whether the United States was at risk.

That very evening Clark Communications arranged for a member of ANS to appear on CNN to dispassionately explain the events unfolding in Japan, the first organization devoted to nuclear science and technology to have its representatives appear in the national media. That effort continued over the weekend, with appearances on FOX and Friends, the CBS Morning Show.

As the days and weeks progressed, Clark Communications arranged more than 250 interviews for ANS members over a three-week period including every national broadcast outlet. Members of the American Nuclear Society appeared or were quoted in print, TV, and radio all across the nation, ultimately reaching more than 25% of all households in the United States.

Their efforts were so successful the Society presented them with a Special Recognition Award: Fukushima, Japan Rapid Response which read:

“In recognition for their contributions supporting the response to events in Fukushima, Japan, in order to ensure credible nuclear science and technology information was provided to the media, decision makers and the public. It is the dedication of people such as Jackie and Fritz who enable the Society to be relevant and a strong advocate for the nuclear community as a whole.”