Issue Management

Issue Management

Fit Pick

On behalf of our client the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) Clark Communications created the Fit Pick healthy vending program to help educate consumers about health and wellness oriented choices in the vending machine. The program identifies products that meet a strict nutritional standard and identifies those products in the machine for consumers with memorable point-of-sale graphics.

Today the list of Fit Pick registrants spans across the globe and is 274 single spaced pages long. The program boasts users in France, Italy, Japan and Korea, to name a few. In addition, many entries represent significant organizations including the Army, the Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Other significant program users include:
• All government facilities in Tennessee
• All government facilities in Mississippi
• Utah local, state and Federal government buildings
• City of Albuquerque
• Kitchen Fresh, the mid-west’s leading fresh food manufacturer

The program includes users such as:
• 175 government agencies
• 105 school, universities and/or school systems
• Denver Public Schools
• Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation
• Army, Air Force Exchange Services, world-wide
• Food Bank of Contra Costa
• US Naval Academy

It is significant to note that many of the government agencies and states like Tennessee and Mississippi were considering more restrictive legislation before they adopted our campaign. These states that have adopted Fit Pick represent perhaps the most tangible results of the campaign.

Testimonials about Fit Pick:

“The National Fit Pick Vending Program helps consumers select healthy choices from vending machines. Fit Pick uses standardized sets of nutrition guidelines based on American Heart Association recommendations for a healthy diet, and is available to vending operators nationwide.”

Preventing Chronic Disease, Public Health Research, Practice and Policy, a publication of the Centers for Disease Control

“In 2007, four state agencies piloted a healthy vending program called Fit Pick, developed by the National Automatic Merchandising Association. These agencies found that it is possible to have a successful, profitable healthier vending program – and keep their colleagues happy!”

Washington Wellness Resource Center

“The Fit Pick site and materials provide a complete, cost effective, step-by-step roadmap for organizations, communities, or vending operators that want to incorporate healthier options in the vending machines, but don’t know how or where to start.”

Barbe West, Executive Director, Community Choices, Washington State

“Editor’s Insight: The National Automatic Merchandising Association has taken an exemplary role in promoting nutrition with its Fit Pick program. The program offers an excellent guide to government officials.”

Elliot Maras, Automatic Merchandiser Magazine